The Year in Review: Top 10 Most Viewed Posts

Over the course of the last year, I’ve attempted to provide you—the readers of this blog—with a wide variety of subjects for you consideration and thought.  So here are the ten most viewed posts for 2013.

10.       Accepting Change to Link the “3-E’s” of Fire Prevention


Jill Cotton

Jill Cotton, Marketing and Customer Service Director for the web-based inspections report management systems company, (IROL) based in Aurora, IL, wrote this guest blog.

“One such example is the web-based inspection report management system movement.  Using a web-based, or “cloud” platform, these systems are opening up solutions for service providers and local government.  How are these systems connecting the “3 E’s”?  Let’s take a quick look:

  • Education:  Linking the entities involved in the fire/life safety connection, specifically inspections.  A quality system provides opportunities to communicate prevention and awareness campaigns, i.e., webinars, videos, e-Blasts, etc.
  • Engineering:  Providing a system, or tool, that can be used for reviewing of fire systems, record retention and management, and in-house inspections.
  • Enforcement: Offering real-time knowledge of compliance by answering two key questions: “Does this system work and how do (we) know?”

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