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The Finale: Let’s Put a “Lid” on Cooking Fires, Part IV

Consider this: when a fire sprinkler is “called upon” to do its job it means a fire has started. After the sprinkler does its job the owner or occupant still has a clean up and restoration problem, albeit MUCH smaller than if the sprinkler had not been present. With HEHLT installed on the stove top, the owner or occupant has significantly reduced the potential for a fire to start in the kitchen.

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Let’s Put A “Lid” on Cooking Fires: Part III

In the Union City case, it took approximately 60 days to get from the first meeting—involving the Fire Department leadership, the Mayor, and City Council—to the adoption of the city-wide ordinance requiring the installation of HEHLT on all electric-coil cooking devices located in all tax-supported housing, apartments, triplexes, residential board and care occupancies, small nursing homes, convalescent homes, assisted-living occupancies within the Union City.

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