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20120611_AvsecHeadShotLarge I’m the Owner and Curator-in-Chief for this blog, Talking “Shop” 4 Fire and EMS.  I do my very best to create content for my blog that makes the best use of my 30+ years of experience in the world of Fire & EMS.  Like anyone who writes, and is serious about getting better at it, I welcome your feedback as a reader of this blog.

Obviously, I encourage you to post your thoughts in the Comment Section that follows each blog.  By doing so, you provide your fellow readers the opportunity to benefit from your thoughts and engage in conversation on the topic.  [I like this option the best because my primary purpose is to engage in conversations because that’s how I learn best, how about you?]

Some folks are not comfortable sharing their thoughts in an open forum and I “get it”.  So please feel free to contact me via the contact form.

Best wishes,