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If You’re a Male Firefighter You Should be Mad, Too

Women in the fire service are not the problem and they are not the solution. Only the men of the fire service can make the necessary cultural changes so that everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or creed, is accepted for who they are and judged solely on their ability to do the required job.

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Sexual Assault and Rape in Fire Service

In this latest installment of Reader “Mailbag” I’ve collected several of the reader comments in response to the blog post, The Sexual Sexual Harassment Strike OutAssault and Rape of Women Firefighters: Survey Results. I gleaned the representative comments from across the various social media platforms where this blog appears, e.g., LinkedIn Groups, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Rape in the Fire Station: A Survivor’s Story

Sexual assaults and rape being perpetrated on our sister firefighters by their colleagues--and in many cases their leaders--isn't a women's issue that they can solve. It's a failure of fire department leadership and that means it's up to the men who occupy the majority of leadership positions in the fire service to eradicate this blight from our profession.

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