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The Sexual Assault and Rape of Women Firefighters: Survey Results

I’m sitting at my computer on a beautiful Sunday morning, Mother’s Day as a matter of fact, and I’m working on this blog post. And I’m getting madder by the minute. Mad because I’m collecting the written comments from the survey on Sexual Assault and Rape Against Women Firefighters and I cannot comprehend the idea that the same men who are treating the moms in their lives to flowers and cards and dinner are the same men who have sexually assaulted or raped their female colleagues in the fire station.

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Rape in the Fire Station: A Survivor’s Story

Sexual assaults and rape being perpetrated on our sister firefighters by their colleagues--and in many cases their leaders--isn't a women's issue that they can solve. It's a failure of fire department leadership and that means it's up to the men who occupy the majority of leadership positions in the fire service to eradicate this blight from our profession.

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