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What Customer Service Skills Does a Firefighter Need?

But in 2013, how many of our organizations are training their people from Day #1 to be their “face of customer service”? I’m not saying that the firefighting curriculum that constitutes the majority of entry level training is not pertinent, it is. I am saying that now, more than ever before, 24/7/365 organizations only have one chance to make a good impression…and in most cases we don’t get to choose who makes that customer contact.

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Ammonium Nitrate: Using Thought Leadership Media

The short "conversation thread" that follows is illustrative of how Fire & EMS leaders can become more connected—if we make the effort—and better positioned to inform, educate, and influence current and future Fire & EMS leaders. Until I hear otherwise, I'm "staking a claim" and calling this Thought Leadership Media, or TL Media for short.

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