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What is the Fire Service Culture?

It’s like the weather: everyone talks about it. “It” is the culture of the fire service in the United States of America. We hear it, we see it (in print and on-line), and we talk about it. Lately, what’s most prominent in this communication is: We need to change the fire service culture.

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My Body Survived My Career Because of Health and Wellness “Culture”

It seems to me that many fire and EMS organizations are a bit "Johnny-come-lately" when it comes to the health and well-being of their people, and some still have not come to the party. I was very fortunate to have spent my career with one of the organizations that‘s frequently been on the forefront of efforts to constantly make improvements for the safety, health and welfare of its people.

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Fire Sprinklers Save Lives–And Firefighters

More importantly, why do we--Yes, WE in the fire service--continue to view residential sprinklers as a "threat to our way of life" rather than as the only true lifesaving weapon in our battle against fire? Why do we keep pursuing better equipment and protective clothing and SCBA to fight fires in dwellings that become more hazardous to our health and safety every year?

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