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Protecting Your Fire Department’s Investment In PPE

Protect Your Department’s SCBA Investment with The Solo Rescue Decon Washer Shouldn’t there be a better way to clean and decontaminate your department’s SCBA? Especially when one considers that the cost of one SCBA unit can be three to five times the cost of one set of PPE (jacket and pants)? There is! The Solo Rescue Decon Washer from RESCUE Intellitech!

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Cleaning Your SCBA: Are You a Caveman or a Transformer?

During these types of events, and particularly during interior structural firefighting, the SCBA unit can be exposed to a toxic “soup” of chemicals, chemical compounds, and known carcinogens while it protects the firefighter’s respiratory system from those same hazards. And while much is currently being discussed and written about how to protect firefighters from those hazards, there is much to be learned about how to keep SCBA units clean and decontaminated after each use and ready for the next emergency.

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