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Fire Departments and Transparency

More importantly, isn’t it time that they truly know how important it is for them to practice fire safety behaviors in their homes and businesses? Maybe then they’d have a greater appreciation for having working smoke detectors, complying with building and fire codes, and supporting residential sprinkler systems for new residential construction.

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NFIRS: What’s causing your heartburn?

Having trouble finding the validation errors? That’s your software. If your report says it’s valid, yet you receive critical errors upon uploading to the state, that’s your software. If you can’t see the full wording of a code, that’s your software. None of these are caused by NFIRS.

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11 Resources for Funding Fire and EMS

By:  Robert Avsec, Executive Fire Officer Thank you to my Guest Bloggers, Branden Husky and Charles Snyder, for their contributions to this space over the past couple of week!  (You’ve given my fingers a well-deserved rest!) Recently, I have had several informative communications via e-mail with folks who are desperately looking for funding sources to help them accomplish their mission ...

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