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Why NFIRS Matters

We know it’s a problem. It’s always been a problem. However, NFIRS information influences countless prevention campaigns, safety product development, code development, and a host of other areas so it is far past time to take NFIRS seriously. We must set complaints of data quality aside and take action.

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NFIRS Data: Using Thought Leadership Media

Robert - this article is right on track. I've personally been involved in using NFIRS data to justify the need for new Stations, Rigs and Personnel. It was response time analysis that allowed us to show areas of the city where we were falling short. That data helped convince the politicians and taxpayers, both.

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NFIRS: It’s not a Data “Black Hole”

NFIRS “goes” by many names. Some call it by a state program name, e.g., The [Enter a state name] Fire Incident Reporting System; others call it by the software program a department purchased, e.g., Firehouse™ Incident Reporting; and some simply call it “run reports.” It’s all the same thing, no matter what you call it. And it’s highly useful.

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