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Community, Diversity and Your Department

But just as I was surprised by the positive feedback, I was also taken aback by some of the not-so-positive comments that I received. It would seem that some equate diversity as a means for giving someone a “free ride” or even reverse discrimination. The most common view was that it was simply a political ploy to appease the masses while discarding or at least skewing job requirements in favor of someone else simply because they were female or of a different ethnicity.

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What is Fire Corps?

And that’s the real focus of Fire Corps. Getting more people with varied backgrounds involved in the multitude of tasks that are required to run a fire department and provide services to the community they serve. Think of the possibilities ...

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What Product Do You Want Your Community to Fund?

By:  Michele Nitsch with Robert Avsec In marketing, one the most important aspects is to know your PRODUCT and how it can improve someone’s life.  While fire departments, large and small, provide an array of services, the one common “denominator” is problem solving.  The viewpoint held by many people in the USA, especially since the tragic events of September 11, ...

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