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Shawn Longerich is the Executive Director of the Fire Smoke Coalition, Inc.  In the last four years the Coalition has developed numerous, nationally recognized training programs and publications focused on the deadly consequences of fire smoke – for firefighters and civilians.

What You Don’t Know About Fire Smoke Can Hurt You

There will never be an absolute method for preventing exposure, but there are tactical measures that can lessen the exposure. With presumptive legislation available in many states to care for firefighters stricken by illness and disease, there will most likely come a day when that legislation WILL NOT be available if departments are not employing prevention standards. Just something to think about.

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What You Don’t Know about Smoke Can Hurt You

In contrast, nearly 95 percent of the firefighters who have attended the class have made personal behavioral changes in their tactical approaches to fireground operations. While it’s a great feat to see individual firefighters taking note of the education, it’s disappointing that the majority of departments are not immediately taking action to protect the lives of their firefighters.

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