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Tampa II: Food-for-Thought 4 “Get Away Day”

I'm confident that the issue of fire prevention has been discussed at length as it should be: if no fire occurs or it's extinguished by an installed fire sprinkler no firefighter need be injured or killed in the line-of-duty. So here's my blog repost for your and those folks at Tampa 2 on "get away day", Children Don’t Cause Fires, Adults Do

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Children Don’t Cause Fires, Adults Do

The behaviors of adults in the USA account for 78 percent of the preventable residential fires. So why do the vast majority of fire prevention educations that Fire and EMS departments deliver each year target children? If we’re looking to significantly reduce the following types of fires, why don’t our programs focus on adult behaviors?

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The Finale: Let’s Put a “Lid” on Cooking Fires, Part IV

Consider this: when a fire sprinkler is “called upon” to do its job it means a fire has started. After the sprinkler does its job the owner or occupant still has a clean up and restoration problem, albeit MUCH smaller than if the sprinkler had not been present. With HEHLT installed on the stove top, the owner or occupant has significantly reduced the potential for a fire to start in the kitchen.

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