Fire & EMS Leader Pro Teams up with JobTestPrep

By: Robert Avsec, Executive Fire Officer

I’m delighted to announce that Fire & EMS Leader Pro has teamed up with JobTestPrep to offer prospective Entry-level career firefighter hiring processes are very competitive. Good preparation using quality study materials and practice exams can greatly enhance your chances for success. firefighters with the best in on-line preparation materials and practice exams for a variety of firefighter entry-level  exam processes.

The journey to become a career firefighter can look pretty daunting at first glance, especially the entry-level exam that’s usually the first step in an extremely competitive hiring process. You can greatly enhance your chances for success by using the on-line exam preparation materials and practice exams developed by the professionals at JobTestPrep.

One of the most competitive firefighter entry-level exam processes is that to become a member of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY). The initial entry-level exam is only conducted once every four years and tens of thousands of aspiring firefighters take the exam. The FDNY firefighter entrance exam is just one of 17 exam preparation and practice test packages offered by JobTestPrep. Others include:

Click on the banner below to get started on your journey to an exciting and rewarding career as a firefighter. The late Vince Lombardi (legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers football team) was quoted as saying, “Practice makes perfect,” but in reality it is perfect practice that makes for perfect performance.

Get in touch with the folks at JobTestPrep today and get started on your perfect practice to ace that firefighter entrance exam! Good Luck!

Firefighter Written Exam Online Preparation

Want to become a firefighter but not sure where to begin? JobTestPrep is here to help you on your journey. Preparing for your firefighter aptitude exam is a great first step. JobTestPrep offers you online practice tests and sample questions so that you pass your exam with ease on your way to becoming a firefighter.

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