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Why Do Home Builders Oppose Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems?

One issue that may ultimately shift the perspective of builders towards residential fire sprinklers is legal liability. Regardless of whether a state or locality chooses to amend fire sprinkler requirements out of the IRC, courts may well hold that it is incumbent upon builders to follow established standards of care for fire safety when they construct a new home.

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Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems: What do you know?

As the number of residential fire sprinkler systems in the country continues to grow, fire service leaders need to ensure that our fire officers and firefighters have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to work with these systems to effectively ensure extinguishment of the fire and effectively address property conservation, the third incident priority.

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Fire Sprinklers Save Lives–And Firefighters

More importantly, why do we--Yes, WE in the fire service--continue to view residential sprinklers as a "threat to our way of life" rather than as the only true lifesaving weapon in our battle against fire? Why do we keep pursuing better equipment and protective clothing and SCBA to fight fires in dwellings that become more hazardous to our health and safety every year?

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