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PTSD – The Changes No One Told You About

This whole PTSD thing is more than what any shrink could possibly tell us. Seriously. They all know the basics of it, the science of it, the consequences and more of it. Hey! They even made a nice medical chart, like a checklist of symptoms to be able to diagnose this injury… but what the hell do they do with us after? Do they really get it?

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New Addiction Treatment Center for Firefighters and EMS Personnel

By: Robert Avsec, Executive Fire Officer Addiction treatment for firefighters and EMS personnel in an atmosphere that provides respect, safety and security for those seeking help. Along with top-notch mental health and addiction treatment professionals. Every day that I wake up on the “right side of the grass” is a good day, and last Friday was a great day! After ...

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Depression, like fire, takes many forms

Recently, we have seen an increase in awareness for the impact mental health issues have on fire service members. The following is a brief explanation of how depression, the most frequent aspect of firefighter mental distress, can appear.This also shows what all of us can do to help change the impact of depression on ourselves and others.

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