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20120611_AvsecHeadShotLarge I’m the Owner and Curator-in-Chief for this blog, Talking “Shop” 4 Fire and EMS.  I do my very best to create content for my blog that makes the best use of my 30+ years of experience in the world of Fire & EMS.  Like anyone who writes, and is serious about getting better at it, I welcome your feedback as a reader of this blog.

Obviously, I encourage you to post your thoughts in the Comment Section that follows each blog.  By doing so, you provide your fellow readers the opportunity to benefit from your thoughts and engage in conversation on the topic.  [I like this option the best because my primary purpose is to engage in conversations because that’s how I learn best, how about you?]

Some folks are not comfortable sharing their thoughts in an open forum and I “get it”.  So please feel free to contact me via the contact form.

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  • Rita Paine

    Hi Robert, I am thrilled to see that you have endorsed Tracy Lasts fire safety/prevention products. I have worked with Tracy for many many years and spent many fire department dollars buying her products. I have always admired her dedicattion and passion to fire and life safety. Her products are sound, and I can support their effectiveness. I was a Public Educator in the Vancouver area for 18 years, and my education philosophy was based on engaging and interactive learning. Tracy’s products certainly allowed me and our firefighters to meet that need.
    I now live in Ottawa, where I will be building my education/education training business, and of course using and endorsing her products.
    Best regards
    Rita Paine

    • Thanks for the kind words and comments, Rita. Though I’ve only had the pleasure of speaking with Tracy via telephone and Skype, it doesn’t take long to figure out that “Tracy” is a synonym for both “Passionate” and “Dedicated”. Best wishes on your business ventures as well.

  • What research work has been done into the carcinogenic properties of fire water run off water?

    • Dave, that’s a very good question. Don’t have an answer for you, but when I did a Google Search on the following phrase, hazards of firefighting water runoff, I got a bunch of very interesting “hits”. Take a look for yourself and see if you don’t agree. Thanks for reading Talking “Shop” 4 Fire and EMS!